3 Days Akagera National Wildlife Safari

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This three-day Akagera national park wildlife safari will provide you with the finest game-drive experience in the park. The park is Rwanda’s sole Savannah park, and it is home to a variety of large species, including Lions, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Zebras, and Hippos, as well as Rhinos, which will give wonderful picture opportunities. There will be two wildlife drives and a boat safari on Lake Ihema.

Safari highlights

  • Game drive
  • Boat safari


Day 1: Transfer to Akagera national park

After breakfast, we go for Akagera National Park, or you are fetched up from the airport. The trip to the park takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the stops along the way. When you arrive at the park, your driver will clear with the rangers at the gate and go to the visitor center for a briefing, after which you will either check in at the hotel or go on a game drive, depending on your interests.

You might opt to rest at your lodge in the afternoon. Alternatively, you may take a boat tour on Lake Ihema and look out for hippos, crocodiles, and other species that come to the park to drink.

Day 2: Game drive in Akagera national park

You will determine how much time to spend on a game drive in the park based on your interest in animal observation. After breakfast, depart for a wildlife drive in Akagera National Park. The game drive on this wildlife trip will be in our custom-made safari land cruiser, which will provide you with incredible views of the animals as your driving guide takes you through several tracts.

Keep an eye out for elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, topis, zebras, and impalas. Lions and Rhinos have been reintroduced into the park in recent years, but they are typically difficult to see, so today may be your lucky day. The park provides a diverse home for wildlife and a birder’s paradise, with over 500 species. Depending on your interests, the gaming drive will last 6 hours or more.

Day 3: Return to Kigali

After a leisurely breakfast, you will travel to Kigali via the park for one more game drive. You can choose to check out later and go directly to Kigali.