East African Tourist Visa 

Price, Cost, and Fees in Rwanda

Obtaining an East Africa tourist visa used to be expensive and difficult for a visitor who wished to visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya (all in one safari). The introduction of the East African Tourist Visa has decreased the hurdles and expenses. An international traveler can now visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya with just one East African tourist visa. Applying for a multiple entry visa is less expensive than obtaining individual visas for each country.


What is the East African Tourist Visa?

The East African tourist visa permits you to visit any country in East Africa that has decided to join the scheme freely and concurrently for 90 days. A tourist with an East African visa must begin their trip in the nation where the visa was issued. The tourist does not need to pay for any return visas to any of the three countries. The charge for an East African tourist visa is $100 USD. It should be noted that the East African tourist visa cannot be renewed.

Prior to the implementation of the single entry visa, travellers had to pay $50 for a visa each time they entered any of the three East African nations. This option is still available if you just want to visit one of the countries or if you need a visa quickly. The standard tourist visa may be obtained at any border crossing or airport without needing to apply in advance.

In 2014, the East Africa Tourist Visa was launched. It was implemented when the presidents of Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda agreed that a single entrance visa would help advertise East Africa as a single tourism destination. The visa would not only facilitate travel to East African nations, but it would also aid in the improvement of diplomatic relations. Unfortunately, as I write this, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Burundi have not yet joined the Single Visa System. It’s only a matter of time before they do.


How to apply for the East African Tourist visa

As we will see in the next chapters, applying for an East African visa entails various processes. The initial step is to fill out an application. The application can be made physically or electronically through any of the nations’ diplomatic or immigration offices or their websites (if possible). Some nations allow you to apply for a visa at the airport, although applying ahead of time is generally suggested. The East African Tourist visa application procedure is simplified and speedier in Rwanda since you may apply straight using an online form. If you’re coming from Uganda or Kenya, you may need to apply online or at the nearest consulate/embassy.


Eligibility and requirements when applying for the tourist visa.

When completing the online form, you will be needed to attach a scanned copy of a colored passport photo. This shot must not have been taken while wearing a head scarf. Photos with glasses, hats, or a white backdrop will be rejected as well. You will also need an application letter and confirmation that you can financially sustain yourself for the length of your safari. They may also request that you supply an itinerary detailing the activities you will be participating in. Finally, you may be required to present your return plane ticket so that the dates of arrival and leave may be recorded. This is also to prevent unlawful migration.

Who may apply for an East African Tourist Visa? This visa is not required if you are a national of any of the three East African nations (Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenya). To visit these countries for up to six months, all you need is your National Identity Card or passport. In 2014, the usage of National Identity Cards for travel to the three East African nations became mandatory.

If you are a foreigner and want to visit two or three countries, you may require a visa. It is vital to know that the visa is valid for ninety days. You cannot utilize an East African tourist visa to seek employment. Expatriates and persons from countries other than East Africa who have resided in the three nations for a time are excluded from migrating with the tourist visa. They are issued an inter-state permit that allows them to travel to any of the three nations for a six-month period. To enter any of the three East African nations, people only need a residence permission and a passport.


How to Apply for the East African tourist visa

Let us go through the application procedure in more depth for each of the three East African nations. The East African tourist visa application must be completed either online or manually. If you wish to fill it out manually, you may need to fill out the EATV Form 1 and send it to the consular office of the nation from which you will begin your trip. The application can be submitted before to arrival or at any of the points of entry that provide the service. You can also apply through any of the three nations’ diplomatic missions.


Acquiring the East African Tourist visa in Uganda

If Uganda is your initial port of entry, you can apply for a visa online before arriving or request one upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport. You may apply for an East African Visa online using Uganda’s online visa application system. After accurately completing all of the information and submitting the appropriate information, you will be able to print an E-visa, which you will then provide to immigration authorities at the airport or Uganda border crossing.

The East African Visa can also be obtained at the main border entry locations if you have all of the necessary documentation. Obtaining a visa at the airport is not recommended, despite the fact that it includes less paperwork, no passport photographs, and no documents to mail.

If you are merely going to Uganda, you do not require an East African tourist visa. You may simply obtain a regular visa for $50. Please keep in mind that even if your visa has been accepted, you will be needed to produce your yellow fever vaccination card. Please visit or call the nearest Uganda embassy or check their official website for further information on obtaining an East African Visa from Uganda.


How to acquire the East African tourist visa in Kenya?

Obtaining an East African tourist visa at the airport in Nairobi or Mombasa is doable, although the procedure may take some time due to the country’s increased visitor traffic. Your best chance is to apply for it online before arriving at Kenya’s airport. The local Kenyan embassy or website may provide information on how to obtain the visa. You can directly use the Kenya online visa application portal. This site may be difficult to use and may not function properly. Whether you apply online or at the airport, the authorities will ask for further information after you reach the country, including your passport, yellow fever vaccination card, and the reason for your visit.


Acquiring the East African tourist visa in Rwanda

Getting an East African Tourist visa in Rwanda is more easier than in Uganda if you want to use internet platforms. The East African visa is not issued at the airport in Rwanda. The Rwanda Online Visa Application System is the sole way to apply. You can obtain the visa by contacting the Rwandan embassy in your country. In comparison to the other three nations, applying for an East African visa online is rather simple. Approvals are processed faster.


More information about applying for the East African Tourist visa – Key takeaways

The East African tourist visa costs $100 and may be purchased online with a MasterCard, Visa, or other credit card. Visa costs are not refunded.

If you apply for an East African visa online, the processing time might range from one day to one week. You can print it from the system once it has been authorized and show it to the immigration officers. Applications that are incomplete will not be processed.

Everyone must apply for an East African visa on their own. Nothing beats applying for or working with someone.

The visa is only good for 90 days. The East African tourist visa is not renewable.

Even if you do not have an East African tourist visa, you can apply for one at any entrance point. This might be costly, especially if you plan on visiting all three countries.

The East African Visa does not permit employment in any of the three East African nations.

The East African Tourist Visa expires after the traveler leaves one of the three nations.

A colorful passport photo, taken without a cap, head scarf, or spectacles, is one of the criteria for the East African Visa. This picture is glued to the visa application form. It is not advised to stamp the photo into the form.

Ugandans, Kenyans, and Rwandans simply require their Identity Card to travel to all three countries.

Students who are nationals of the three nations may travel the three countries using their Student Identification cards.

Be careful that there are dubious websites and persons claiming to be able to assist you in obtaining an East African tourist visa. Never transmit money using these websites. Apply for the visa yourself at the nearest embassy/consular office or via the official visa processing websites listed above.

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