When to Visit Bwindi Forest National Park

Bwindi forest national park is characterized by a tropical climate making it difficult to predict its weather patterns as you can witness some mist and downpours even during the dry seasons.

Uganda is an equatorial climatic country but specifically, Bwindi forest national park is close to the equator with 230c during daytime and 110c in the morning. The higher altitudes have nearly cooler temperatures but are less intense from the months of June-august and around DecembFebruaryuary.

The wet months of March to May and October to November create slippery and muddy trails making it challenging for hiking. More so these rainy months are characterized by the mist that at times clouds the magnificent views.

The trekking and habituation experiences are very tiresome and challenging during the wet months due to the slippery and muddy walkways making it more adventurous. It’s nice to hear the rainy months are highly recommended for birders as the park is gifted with several migratory bird species.

During the wet season, a few lodges are closed as others offer off-season discounts in terms of accommodation but the price of the trekking and habituation permits are constant.

A point to note is that the gorilla permits have to be booked far in advance to cope with the fixed bookings.

The best time to visit Bwindi forest national park

Wondering which is the best time to visit the impenetrable forest of Bwindi for your gorilla adventures, you can compare the two different seasons and come up with your best choice but not forget that it’s free and safe to go for your gorilla adventure at any time of the year to the best destination worldwide (Bwindi impenetrable forest)

During the wet season

The lodges are at a lower price due to the off-season discounts

Migratory birds by your side

A cool day with a bit of drizzle

A misty environment with muddy and slippery trails

Some access routes become hard to use

During the dry season

Tracking is very easy

Better chances of clear photos

The day is hazy with a less spectacular view

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