Why Visit Uganda?

What makes Uganda good for a safari is, gorilla trekking which is best done in Uganda, the highest population 450 mountain gorillas, climb the Mountains of the moon (Rwenzori mountains), You can see the tree climbing lions in Africa, you can enjoy white water rafting on the Nile, 1000 bird species makes it a top birding destination in Africa.
You will visit the superb Murchison falls, engage in sightseeing of Uganda’s savanna, wildlife, lakes and rivers. Uganda is one of the most hospitable countries in the world thus making it the best cultural safari destination in Africa.
What makes Uganda special is that its a less crowded safari destination as compared to the neighbouring Tanzania and Kenya. This is a perfect way to spy on the safari animals.
Uganda is a better country for a safari vs Kenya or Tanzania because it not only has the big five animals, it has the big six. Besides the elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and Rhino, it has the mountain gorillas that you cannot find in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana or South Africa.


The best time to visit Uganda is between December-February or June-August, when there are 2 dry seasons.
June-August is the peak of the dry season. This is when waterholes will be full and thick grasses have turned parched brown, which enables animals to be easily spotted from a distance. Great bird watching happens now.
You can go to Uganda any time of the year, with temperatures at around 24°C to 30°C, the climate is generally warm. The best month to visit Uganda is July.
Best time to go for gorilla trekking in Uganda is June, July, August. (Bwindi National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla)
Best time for birding in Uganda is December, January and February.
Best time for game viewing safaris in July, August, December and January.
March, April and May is rain season, probably not the best time to visit the pearl of Africa.


Uganda – unique unlike any other country in Africa hidden to many is symbolic; Uganda boasts of the most impressive scenic Wonders – the significant River Nile, the very powerful waterfall – the Murchison Falls, the highest Mountain Range the Mt. Rwenzori – the Mountains of the Moon, the Virunga Volcanoes, the most wonderful in all of Africa with Lake Bunyonyi plus Lake Mutanda. The boat cruise at Kazinga channel, Queen Elizabeth National Park gives you a chance to see variety of wild animals along the shores. Most visitors love the tropical beach Islands, the rare Mountain Gorillas, impressive wildlife Chimpanzees – this is the true representation of African wilderness all compacted into a tiny nation.


If you have a pre booked trip, you will be in a safari vehicle provided by your tour operator or safari company. You will have your local guide with you all the time since this will be a private tour. Most private journeys whether both luxury or budget are encouraged when it comes to an African safari.
Taxi is the commonest way of getting around Kampala and other areas. It accommodates 14 people but during the restrictions, it takes less than a half number. Cost per day is about $ 5 to cross from one district to another.
Boda boda is a motorcycle spread all over the country. We encourage you to use Safe boda as they provide helmets. Cost per day is about US $ 10
Special Hire Taxis are not very pocket friendly. A full day could easily cost you US$ 80
Buses are available. Great if you are moving to places far by 200km from your location such as Fort portal, Kasese, Mbale, Kisoro, Masinde enroute Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and wildlife parks in Eastern Uganda, Southern Uganda and northern Uganda.
Air Travel. Aero link takes you to different national parks for luxury wildlife safaris. Consult your tour operator for prices.
Water transport is used to visit Ssese Islands and chimpanzee trekking in Ngamba.

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