Lake mutanda

Lake mutanda is a small freshwater body at an altitude of 1,800m in the southwestern part of the pearl of Africa close to mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi forest national park just a 30minutes drive from Kisoro the nearby city.

The lake has the river rutshuru as its outlet towards lake Edward. Lake mutanda o a magnificent view of the Virunga mountains

Some of the feature for around this lake include several volcanoes namely mount muhabura, mount gahinga, and mount sabyinyo

Mount gahinga (pile of stones)

This is 3,473m high making it lower compared to sabyinyo and muhabura making it the best option for less experienced hikers. Hiking at mount gahinga starts at 7:00 am taking you through the bamboos that shelter unique bird species and the mountain gorillas. The hiking permit is only 75 USD.

The word gahinga means the pile of stone in Kinyarwanda.

Mount sabyinyo (old man’s teeth)

Mount sabyinyo is 3,669m high with its second peak requiring you to walk between Rwanda and Uganda. the mount looks like worn teeth and this is the reason why the locals termed it “old man’s teeth”.

The mountain has got 3 peak challenges in different styles with the first peak known as sabyinyo gorges suitable for birding and the golden monkeys, the second one takes you through Rwanda and Uganda, and lastly the third presented as the most challenging one in terms of hiking though if challenged, you be present in Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda at the same time. what an adventure you wouldn’t want to miss.

Mount muhabura (the guide)

This is the highest among these 3 and the third highest among the Virunga mountains with an elevation of 4,127m. the word muhabura locally means the guide.

Activities at lake mutanda

Mountain biking

It’s time you feel the wind riding past your face, gravity pulling you down the mountain via the shores of lake mutanda for several hours as you will be biking on the slopes of the Virunga mountains.


Explore the lake in the most relaxing style ever. You will get off the land onto the calm waters as will be spotting several birds along your meditation ride.

Island tour

Lake mutanda contain about 15 small islands some of which are occupied by the abagesera clan. The islands can be approached by the locally made canoes offering a great view of the locals engaging culture and community walks. Some strong and brave visitors head to the python island for the resident snake species and others to the punishment island where the outcasts of the region were sent to suffer and die.

Visiting the Garama cave

To dive deep into the local culture, you surely can’t miss out on a  visit to the garama cave which is a 340m long tourism trail designed by both the Uganda wildlife authority and the united organization for Batwa Development in Uganda aimed at supporting the Batwa who shelter in the caves for over many years.

The wildlife at lake mutanda

The fauna at lake mutanda ranges from reptiles to birds and mammals including the hippos along lake mutanda though not since the year 1994. Kingfishers, weavers, grey crowned cranes, pin-tailed whydahs, and sunbirds.

Along the water of lake mutanda, you can have a look at the African crownless otters and several fish species.

Lake mutanda is a neighbor to mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi forest national park, several primates from these two parks give a fascinating hand to the fauna of lake mutanda.

the best time to visit lake mutanda

for a surely an enjoyable experience, lake mutanda are best to be visited during the dry seasons throughout the year but not forgetting that the lake is free for visiting throughout the year with rainy seasons inclusive.

The dry seasons stretch from June to September and from December to February.

During the rainy seasons, the hiking slopes will be very muddy and slippery making the hiking very challenging. The rainiest months include a late march, April, and May to late October and November.

Accommodation/ were to stay at lake mutanda

the accommodation options at lake mutanda range from the luxury lodges, mid range, budget and down to the camping sites.

Chameleon hill lodge

Mutanda lake resort

Lake mulehe gorilla lodge ( 6.5km to the lake)

Rushaga gorilla lodge (13.8km to the lake)

Mt muhabura climbers rest camp (8.7km to the lake)

Gorilla hills eco lodge (14.3km to the lake)

Amasiko homestay lake bunyonyi (22.3km to the lake)

Gorilla closeup lodge (15.7 km to the lake)

Golden monkey guest house (5.8km to the lake)

Kisoro tourist hotel (7 km to the lake)

Air land hotel (6.1km to the lake)

Mt sabyinyo gorilla inn (6.3km to the lake)

Nshongi cam (11.3km to the lake)

Ntebeko river camp (12.9km to the lake)

Amajambere iwacu community camp (14.2 km to the lake)

Lake chahafi resort (16.8km to the lake)

Go lux lodge (24.8 km to the lake)

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